Saturday, 25 May 2013

The Start of the Beginning: About Me

Hello there and welcome to my blog! I'm Elvish Kitty, by the way.
Why don't I start by telling you something of myself?
I love all types of arts & crafts, such as painting, embroidery and creating a collage. I have a special little notebook where I glue on random bits and bobs I find around my house and that I've collected from going to places, and I create a sort of keepsake notebook that no one can read and/or understand. That's just the way I am: extremely random!
Moving on, you have to know that I can go off topic so well, that I will confuse you as to what I am saying. For example, if we were talking about Santa Claus, be prepared that the conversation might take an unexpected turn down the alley of T.V controllers. It happens, but I try to keep my words to a certain theme. Lord of the Rings would be the most common conversational subject at the moment, seeing as that is my very favourite book (That's what I was thinking of when I created a name, Elvish Kitty). It's a fantastic book, and if you have not already read it, I strongly suggest you do. Feel free tell me what you think of it, or ask any questions, at any time, and I will try to answer them as best as I can. If I can.

I love doing archery - even if I have only tried it no more than twice in my life. I will be starting archery classes in mid-June, and I'm looking forward to doing them so much! I have a dream to become an author and/or an archer when I am older, and I'm currently working on my first novel. I let my friends read a few chapters, and they loved it, so I would love to publish the full thing someday, if it's finished.
When it comes to English, grammar is my middle name (I try to maintain my grammar skills when I'm writing - not the easiest of tasks, believe me!). English tests are actually one of my favourite things on my schedule, and most of the time, I have no reason to why this happens. It just does!
Anyway, am I boring you now? I should finish up, as soon as possible. I just think that it's a good idea to tell you things about myself, so you can tell whether we have anything in common. I love it when you find that you have something in common with a complete stranger! It's just a wonderfully warming feeling, that someone appreciate what you do, and you can talk about it. I've already annoyed my family and friends to their deaths with my constant stream of babble about Lord of the Rings. All they hear from me is: ...went to Mount Doom... three rings for the Elven Kings...Oh, I love that part! you know who Sam marries? so on, and so on, and so on...
And that's about it. The basics of what I'm like. There are many more things like the fact that I don't like celery, boiled cabbage, mushrooms or Manuka honey, and the fact that I do like roller blading, drawing, oil pastels and strawberries. I just cannot tell you much more, because I feel that half of you might not even read to the bottom of this (I have a tendency to make everything I write really long...)!
See you soon!


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