Tuesday, 28 May 2013

My Favourite Things Knitted By My Grandmother

My Grandmother has a real talent. In just a few days, she can make you a stunning jumper, out of bright or pastel colours in almost any design. Here I will show you some my most favourite things she had knitted me over the past few years.
Here is very heavy and warm jumper in light blue and white colours. Note the amazing detail she put in! I adore this, and wore it all winter!

I like this jumper mainly because of the bright colours my granny used. I know some of you Potterheads are thinking: Oh look, Gryffindor colours! And you're right.  I asked my granny to knit this especially when I was visiting her, and I absolutely adored Harry Potter. 
This one, although it look finished, is not quite. My granny gave me the oh-so-very-hard task of stitching together some of the part, to create a design, and I just haven't gotten around to it yet. It's very pretty, and purple happens to be one of my favourite colours. My mum has the same thing in red, which I have also yet to finish!

This is a light blue shawl which keeps you warm while looking very pretty. It has a nice design and colour which makes it easy to match with almost any outfit.
This particular jumper is made of very light wool that almost shimmers when in sunlight. It warms you up well in the chilly days, while keeps you relatively cool. The lovely pastel colour go great with jeans and are not too bright.
This is only some of the many things my grandmother has knitted me, but these are most of my favourites. My mum has taken up knitting too, in the past few months, and is getting along great (soon I'll have a skirt made of colourful wool!).
See you soon!


  1. Hi. I loved the jumpers. They look professional. I just loved this. Your granny has some real talent. Write more. I will write about this on my blog today, mydailyblog1.webstarts.com

    I just loved it, Elvish Kitty.
    from GirlGamer2013

  2. Sorry, I forgot to say in name, that my name is GirlGamer2013 but you can see I wrote it at the end.
    I love your blog Elvish Kitty.

    1. Hey GirlGamer2013!
      Thanks for commenting, and your opinion is fab. it made me feel so cool! I'm happy that you like my blog, and I will definitely write more soon! :) Thanks a lot, again!

  3. Replies
    1. I know, right? And she's coming over for the summer too so you might see some more amazing knitting things!

  4. Your grandma is talented!! It almost looks like I could walk into runner and buy myself a jumper like that! By the way its junopie x3

    1. Hey junopie! Thanks, ill make sure she gets all this praise from everyone, she is coming over here tomorrow! I'm super excited.
      She's amazing, isn't she! She even tried to teach me something of knitting, but I failed. :) anyway, thanks for commenting. I'm happy now!

  5. I mean dunnes not runners sorry auto correct xD


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