Saturday, 29 June 2013

Remedy Kitties

Feeling sick is not one of my favourite pastimes.
Not at all!
Sometimes it also helps having five cats that have amazing supercat healing powers. Echo, the eldest female cat and sister of Rambo, the naughty chocolatey orange cat, is one of my most favourite purr machines. Not that I have favourites of course... No way. (Oh no, now they could find out I said that and purr me to death in the middle of the night....) 
Anyway, I find it strange but really cool that they can purr for only a moment on your lap, but you start feeling better almost immediately. It's a wonderful gift.
Here's Echo on my lap!
Woah, I just came back and I see a blank page where this post was, and my cat (Kisik, or Lurkeeo) lying (seemingly) innocently beside my laptop. I, of course, wail in despair until I realise that it is actually about 453 spaces in the document...I didn't count, these are approximate figures. Hah.
 Well, I just want to update about my cats, because some of them are currently intent on destroying my mum's expensive camera (Yes, I am talking to you, Kisik!)
 Also, I might sound crazy, referring to my cats as if they can understand me, but you never know. Maybe they secretly plan on taking over my house and occupying all of the computers and sofas so they could read my posts - oh, I think I'm really gone cuckoo now. Never mind. My five cats are the remedy...if they aren't the cause!


  1. Watch cats and dogs movie. It is about cats taking over the world. StoneBlade5040

  2. OH MY HOBBIT MY CAT DOES THAT TOO!!! :D it's very annoying when I'm *trying* to write up my fics! :P she especially likes the 'enter' key so I start off with 2pages and y the time she's finished I've got 45... *sigh*. Cats. What can you do?!?
    - Chamelaucium! :)

    1. I see you've found my blog! I had once thought that I wrote a really long story and did not even notice, then it turned out Kisik helped me. A lot. :D I usually end up with about a page of random letters and numbers, that are probably the secret language of cats or something! :)


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