Saturday, 21 September 2013

School Starts (27/08/2013)

(This was written the Saturday after Tuesday the 27th of August :) ) Well, hey there everyone! Great to see you all again so soon. I was meant to write something on Tuesday, but then I just felt so tired, and I needed to take a rest. Because of the very topic about which I'm writing today!
Tuesday was a really big day for me. It was like a milestone in my life, because I (finally) seemed to grow up! I started secondary school.
So exciting, right?
Anyway, we were in for about two hours. It was great fun! First of all, we were sorted into two classes, 1 Ash and 1 Oak. Trees? Well, they said they picked them because they were both beautiful trees and because they grow and just like our lives and ourselves through secondary school. Something like that, I forget the exact words. Secretly though, I think they picked it because they could be wood elves. That would be awesome!
Did you hear that everyone? I'm officially a tree.
Yes, so, moving on...
We got these timetables, which were the most confusing part of our day. For example, everyone picked different subjects for....the ones you had to pick...and now no-one knows which subjects are on that time in the day, so you could come into Art all set for Business Studies, and walk into Business Studies with your cookbook or something. That's how crazy it is!
Hopefully I didn't just confuse you all with that part, because to be honest, I'm pretty confused myself.
Yes, well the next part was making friends!
I made three new friends almost straight away. Gabriele, Zara,Claire and Zoe were really nice to me, and I saw both Claire and Gabriele in the uniform shop in the summer. Now we are in the same class, so I'm really happy!

Sorry guys that this was so's been keeping me busy, and so had everything else apart from it. I will start blogging a bit more when I can, but now that school has fully started, don't expect my posts to come very often, and they probably won't be as big as usual too!
Bye everyone! :)

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