Wednesday, 5 June 2013

What Boredom can do to People

Do you ever sit in school/work and you are bored out of your skin? Can you relate to that? Well, apparently so can my friend Juno.
That being that, random moments of inspiration and boredom can lead to awesome things. Like great works of art on your hand made in a blue ball-point pen. Here is what Juno came up with during a geography lesson:


  1. Whoa!!! That's amazing! I wish Juno could be appreciated in national art halls! Could she do that for me? Tell her that now she has a fan.(Apart from you of coarse!) :-D

  2. Oh, I'll make sure Juno knows she has TWO fans. I'll be talking to her tomorrow anyway, so that message will be taken.
    I know she will be touched!
    And that's exactly what I said: national art galleries! I took some more pictures of drawings on her hand until she stopped and thought about ink poisoning.
    But she might continue making masterpieces, you never know!

    1. I'm Stoneblade5040. U know. Can't access Google account, don't want to share name. An' yeah count me in. I'm also Juno's fan.

    2. Haha, thanks StoneBlade5040! Juno will be thrilled, and of course you don't have to share your name! Oh, i have a Google account too, but I never connected it to my blog. Just a random bit of information for you! :)


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