Sunday, 21 July 2013

Bull's Eye (2)

Archery was on on Saturday again, and this time it was getting harder.
We were shooting at 18 metres, I think we were using recurve bows. It's fun, firing arrows (not when you miss completely and hit the wall though...I've never done that, and hope not to. That would be awkward.)
Did you know that I'm officially known as "Goldfish" in that club? This is because I have the memory of a goldfish. Around three seconds.
I mean, it's sore when you hit your arm with the bowstring - repeatedly! They wrote down steps for me to do while shooting, and I left the sheet at home.
It seems as though I have improved though, and got four custards (we named the colours on the board after food - I don't think any of us had lunch) from 18 metres.
I think I will show you the one in the actuall centre - the ten - and the dodgy arrow.
It was actually me that (sort of) broke that arrow. I'm not fully sure what happened, all I know is that the arrow somehow snapped back at me when I was firing it - I was not hurt, don't worry! - and then something went awry. It's a worldwide mystery, what happened that day, but I managed to get a ten with that arrow anyway.
At 18 metres. I'm proud!
(The first picture is the first centre hit, the second is the freaky arrow, the third is the distance.) :)
See you all next time,
Elvish Kitty.


  1. Ahaha I have a terrible memory too! My mum will tell me in the morning, don't forget to do such-and-such, and I'll have forgotten it pretty much straight after. Deary me. :D
    And I would be SO rubbish at archery! It's so amazing that you can do it, I probably wouldn't even be able to string the arrow or even hit the target from ONE metre away, let alone 18! :P

    1. Exactly what I am like too! MY mum tells me something goes in one ear, comes out from the next straight away. It's not so hard to string the arrow to the bow, it has a notch and everything (although I was pretty awkward at the I'm like, take the arrow and shoot!) It won't be that hard from one metre, I'm sure you will do it easily if you tried!!! :D

  2. omg. hey wassup goldfish? ur seriously awesome at archery. ur like totes amazing, cant even tell youuu

  3. Same !mysterious! Person , guess who i am. If in the future we'll be able to make cat-spiders, I'll call mine !Taramasalata!.


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