Monday, 1 July 2013

Natural Paparazzi

I told you already that I really enjoy walks in the park - now I will tell you again! This time, my family and I went to Tymon Park for the evening. It was still sunny and bright outside, summer's work, so we wandered around there for an hour or so.
Just when we stepped in, there was a rabbit but none of us saw it until it ran back into the undergrowth. I tried to take a picture, but why do rabbits have to be so fast?! All I got was a photo of the burrow...
I saw some more rabbits when we were passing through a field. I got really close and even filmed a video, but obviously nature doesn't like paparazzi. The rabbits were right beside a giant bush, and that with the sun on the other side equals lots of shadows.
Isn't it typical that the rabbits have to be dark too? Looking back on it, I see how ironic everything really is, but that didn't stop me from loving my walk!
On our return journey, we introduced ourselves to a family of resident swans in the lake. The dad came right out of the water and doubtless tried to shake our hands - mine in particular, for unknown reasons - on numerous occasions, but he didn't quite reach. I have no idea why I feel so relieved!
Did you know that they must have liked the look of me so much that even the small cygnet hissed me a hello?

No no, I am sure it was a hello. Very much positive. Of course they weren't annoyed at me for standing too close, why would you think that now?
Oh, and we also had great fun on the exercising things dotted all over the huge park. They are red and yellow exercising stations that you can just have a go on at any time. Very convenient, if you ask me!
Well, I think I covered most of the aspects of my walk yesterday. There are still pictures to go, but before that I just have some news concerning my other blog, co-authored with Maeve Kelehan.
Maeve and I are planning on doing little observation pages on our pets in that blog. Since I own my cats, I think I will also post the same page here, on this blog. That way it could be more convenient for you if you feel like knowing what my cats are up to. Because I am sure you do! (For full details on the observation pages, visit the blog in question:
So here follow the aforementioned pictures!


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  2. Cool pictures, well done ;)

    why do rabbits have to be so fast?! All I got was a photo of the burrow

    and why they so dark, btw, they look like a tussock :)

  3. Thanks mum! I know, you didn't see the rabbits and you thought they were small hills... :)


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