Thursday, 25 July 2013

At the Zoo!

A nice day at the zoo is great - and we went to no other than Phoenix Park. It was fabulous! There were awesome animals there. We saw awesome tigers, cool seals, shy snow leopards, puppy-like grey wolves, a flamboyance of flamingos, gorgeous red pandas and many other animals besides. It was a fabulous day to spend with my mum, granny and best friend, Maeve. To get to the zoo, we went by tour bus - we wanted to show my Granny the city, and take a trip to Phoenix Park. Luckily it didn't rain (like today) and it was quite warm, so we really enjoyed the day out.
We also got ice-cream there and it was lovely (all of my scoops had some variations of chocolate and since Maeve doesn't like chocolate ice-cream, we were opposites.) I got mint chocolate, triple chocolate, and vanilla chocolate cookie ice-cream. Total choc-a-holic.
All in all, it was a great day out and what made it all the more sweeter was the fact that we had a sleepover straight after! Maeve and I had a fabulous time, laughing, writing stories and watching TV and doing other hilarious stuff. I took a few photos at the zoo too, and my mum took some photos of us on the tour bus, our hair flying out behind us because it was going so fast!
We were at the back of the bus too, so the people behind us would just be able to see some random hair from the second floor of the open-top bus. Ah, crazy times! :)
A monkey
More monkeys
Another giraffe
Heron (He wasn't part of the exhibition! :))
Red Panda
Another meerkat
Baby meerkat

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