Saturday, 6 July 2013

Celebrating Your Birth

Well, it's coming up to my birthday soon and I'm really excited! This year I'm having a party in Xtreme Adventure Centre and I invited 5 people from my (former) class. I'm only quite sad about the fact that one of my best friends is going on holidays. Ok, scratch that. She's already there!
There are going to be so many different and amazing things there that we are going to do; even the forty-minute-long drive there is very well worth it!
Archery, aerial trekking, climbing, abseiling, zip lining and the giant swing - there's a lot to do, and it will last about four hours. We need to bring a lot of water for that!
And you know...this means I will do archery all weekends. Both Saturday and Sunday. Which also means I am going to very tired but very happy at the end of the day!
How do you celebrate your birthday? Do you have any special family traditions to make the coming of a person into this world? I also like the Chinese zodiac signs. They are all animals, and - as you may have noticed - I love nature. I know half of my posts are about nature walks, but all the flora and fauna is all around you, so why ever not?
Another thing I found interesting is that I am born in the year of the dragon. Dragon. Smaug, anybody?
He happens to be one of my favourite characters in The Hobbit, and I like that. A talking dragon. That's me really, I may seem shy at first but I talk, and a lot at that. Especially when I am writing.
I like to make my words long, which seem to go on forever!
If I had a bucket full of water for everytime I spoke, the Pacific Ocean would be empty by now.
Anyway, since we got so very sidetracked, why don't we come back to the original theme? I find it very intriguing to discover more about the way people celebrate birthdays. Some get presents, some give presents.
Of course, I don't have anything against receiving fact I like it. A lot.
But the way hobbits do things makes much more sense. So many people are invited to birthday parties - and there is at least one every day - so everyone gets presents if they are invited.
So if you attend around three birthdays a week (at least) you get three mathoms (presents.)
I find that much better, but I never quite switched over to that tradition yet!
Well, I have to go now and make the final additions to our decorations, and tidy up my room to make it spotless...

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  1. sounds like great fun! happy birthday vee! :)


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