Thursday, 25 July 2013

At the Zoo!

A nice day at the zoo is great - and we went to no other than Phoenix Park. It was fabulous! There were awesome animals there. We saw awesome tigers, cool seals, shy snow leopards, puppy-like grey wolves, a flamboyance of flamingos, gorgeous red pandas and many other animals besides. It was a fabulous day to spend with my mum, granny and best friend, Maeve. To get to the zoo, we went by tour bus - we wanted to show my Granny the city, and take a trip to Phoenix Park. Luckily it didn't rain (like today) and it was quite warm, so we really enjoyed the day out.
We also got ice-cream there and it was lovely (all of my scoops had some variations of chocolate and since Maeve doesn't like chocolate ice-cream, we were opposites.) I got mint chocolate, triple chocolate, and vanilla chocolate cookie ice-cream. Total choc-a-holic.
All in all, it was a great day out and what made it all the more sweeter was the fact that we had a sleepover straight after! Maeve and I had a fabulous time, laughing, writing stories and watching TV and doing other hilarious stuff. I took a few photos at the zoo too, and my mum took some photos of us on the tour bus, our hair flying out behind us because it was going so fast!
We were at the back of the bus too, so the people behind us would just be able to see some random hair from the second floor of the open-top bus. Ah, crazy times! :)

Aaaannd...we're back.

Great. It's lashing rain outside again, and it hasn't even been too long! I think Ireland is a magnet for bad weather, because rain storms come far too suddenly. I mean, really, it was a normal, cloudy day and then - yay. Rain.
Don't we feel loved?

Sunday, 21 July 2013

Bull's Eye (2)

Archery was on on Saturday again, and this time it was getting harder.
We were shooting at 18 metres, I think we were using recurve bows. It's fun, firing arrows (not when you miss completely and hit the wall though...I've never done that, and hope not to. That would be awkward.)
Did you know that I'm officially known as "Goldfish" in that club? This is because I have the memory of a goldfish. Around three seconds.
I mean, it's sore when you hit your arm with the bowstring - repeatedly! They wrote down steps for me to do while shooting, and I left the sheet at home.
It seems as though I have improved though, and got four custards (we named the colours on the board after food - I don't think any of us had lunch) from 18 metres.
I think I will show you the one in the actuall centre - the ten - and the dodgy arrow.
It was actually me that (sort of) broke that arrow. I'm not fully sure what happened, all I know is that the arrow somehow snapped back at me when I was firing it - I was not hurt, don't worry! - and then something went awry. It's a worldwide mystery, what happened that day, but I managed to get a ten with that arrow anyway.
At 18 metres. I'm proud!
(The first picture is the first centre hit, the second is the freaky arrow, the third is the distance.) :)
See you all next time,
Elvish Kitty.

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Logical Thinking Fails

Sometimes, life brings you strange things. Or shows them to you instead...
Architecture can be really weird, or just plainly illogical. How can you possibly put a bench five metres away from the table and not notice? I don't think it was really supposed to be so inconvenient. Or else someone was having a really good laugh. At their expense.

Saturday, 6 July 2013

Celebrating Your Birth

Well, it's coming up to my birthday soon and I'm really excited! This year I'm having a party in Xtreme Adventure Centre and I invited 5 people from my (former) class. I'm only quite sad about the fact that one of my best friends is going on holidays. Ok, scratch that. She's already there!
There are going to be so many different and amazing things there that we are going to do; even the forty-minute-long drive there is very well worth it!
Archery, aerial trekking, climbing, abseiling, zip lining and the giant swing - there's a lot to do, and it will last about four hours. We need to bring a lot of water for that!
And you know...this means I will do archery all weekends. Both Saturday and Sunday. Which also means I am going to very tired but very happy at the end of the day!
How do you celebrate your birthday? Do you have any special family traditions to make the coming of a person into this world? I also like the Chinese zodiac signs. They are all animals, and - as you may have noticed - I love nature. I know half of my posts are about nature walks, but all the flora and fauna is all around you, so why ever not?
Another thing I found interesting is that I am born in the year of the dragon. Dragon. Smaug, anybody?

Monday, 1 July 2013

Natural Paparazzi

I told you already that I really enjoy walks in the park - now I will tell you again! This time, my family and I went to Tymon Park for the evening. It was still sunny and bright outside, summer's work, so we wandered around there for an hour or so.
Just when we stepped in, there was a rabbit but none of us saw it until it ran back into the undergrowth. I tried to take a picture, but why do rabbits have to be so fast?! All I got was a photo of the burrow...
I saw some more rabbits when we were passing through a field. I got really close and even filmed a video, but obviously nature doesn't like paparazzi. The rabbits were right beside a giant bush, and that with the sun on the other side equals lots of shadows.
Isn't it typical that the rabbits have to be dark too? Looking back on it, I see how ironic everything really is, but that didn't stop me from loving my walk!
On our return journey, we introduced ourselves to a family of resident swans in the lake. The dad came right out of the water and doubtless tried to shake our hands - mine in particular, for unknown reasons - on numerous occasions, but he didn't quite reach. I have no idea why I feel so relieved!
Did you know that they must have liked the look of me so much that even the small cygnet hissed me a hello?
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