Friday, 14 June 2013

Magical Music

A small room with nothing more than a piano is often a good room. For many reasons.
One of them, my personal favourite is that you can relax and be yourself, express your feelings through your music. This is something me and piano teacher usually start off with, creating random music.
Oh, that's another fabulous reason: having a super-cool music teacher. Petra, my teacher, is so nice and is a brilliant piano player and singer. She has absolutely perfect tones and notes, and has helped me to improve greatly with both singing and playing the piano. My mum is thinking of buying a full size piano for me for my birthday, and I'm really excited!!!
Anyway, on a more practical note, Petra's classes are always great fun, and I took some photos of her at the piano. I also had a video, but Petra asked to not put it up, as the sound didn't go through very well from my phone... :(

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